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Can we just take a second to talk about these training NPC’s in the mists.

Only two of them have the correct armour classes, the rest of them are wearing mis-matched sets;

Engineer - Appears to be light armour combined with.. town clothing?

Elementalist - Full Heavy armour, with dual daggers… that’s OP as all get out.

Warrior - Appears to be some town clothes combined with various pieces of npc armour. Gloves look oddly like the T3 Norn o_O

Necromancer - Full Medium armour.

Guardian - Town clothed rebel.

Memmer - Town Clothes/ Light hybrid.

Ranger and Thief - Medium armour, way to go fella’s prime example of doing it right.

Now stop complaining about cultural being available to all races and start looking that this ^

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    the only ones sticking to the rules are humans … :D
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    those lucky npc’s i wish i could wear whichever armor i want to D:
  5. cirquescape said: NPCs wore cultural armor in different personal story lines, which was already weird, but like your post, NPCs are just rule breakers :’( Doesn’t change the fact that there’s no point to it being ‘cultural’ if it’s purchasable by other races imo.
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