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Help Eli Visit Boyfriend Art Commissions!


I really want to visit my boyfriend in Canada this November, but we all know how tough it can get to save enough when you pay for your own food, rent and bills.

Since I need to save at the very least 500$ I am offering cheap commissions!

My price - 12$ for a fully colored picture of one character of your choosing. Any extra characters will be 6$ per character (maximum 5). Prices may vary depending on the difficulty.

Here are some examples of my work.






  1. If you are interested feel free to contact me either through ask box/fan mail on tumblr or send me an email ( with description of what you want me to draw and references. Don’t be afraid to be as specific as you want and send me as much references as possible because I want to do my best. 
  2. I will draw initial rough sketch of an idea. You don’t have to pay me until I present the said sketch. It will be a “guarantee” that I will complete my work as soon as possible as well as make sure you like the idea before I actually start working. However if you liked the sketch but didn’t pay I will not start working until I get the payment,
  3. Ask me for my PayPal adress. My current credit card is registered under different email I do not wish to distribute for now.
  4. Your commission will be completed within two weeks. Now, bear in mind that I am currently working so it might take longer than that. But don’t feel bad about poking me and asking for an update. In fact it’s greatly encouraged.
  5. Feel free to specify whether or not you want me to post the drawing online or send it to you. 

I am generally willing to draw anything under the sun, however I do reserve the right to decline the order if I find it offensive. (f.e. religious themes, rape, racism and so on) I do NSFW. 

Have a good day ~ <3

Good luck!